Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why a Forgiveness Movement ?

The world is not what it now seems to be. There is a loveliness in everyone that now is mostly hidden behind a mask of fear. There is an innocent and loving heart buried beneath a shroud of guilt. There is a harmony of loving that connects us all, just the other side of what seems to make us hate. And all that separates the loving from the hate is a belief that isn't true. Guilt has taught us to hate ourselves, and then our brother. We have become afraid to love and put our faith instead in fear. Our world will be whatever we choose to make of it. We can continue ancient grievances, or decide that it is time to walk a different path.

Forgiveness is the opportunity to remake our world. Think what it would be like to go about your day with your mind filled only with happy and loving thoughts. Everyone you meet has a smile and a glow of happiness about him or her. There is no sickness, no hunger, no conflict or lack, no time and no death. Peace has replaced fear everywhere. This is our world when forgiveness has come and we are free to love again.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Forgiveness Network is born....January 2010.

Today, The Forgiveness Network is born on Facebook, Twitter and Blogger.....Tom Carpenter will now be sharing with us all he knows about Forgiveness....